Artist Statement

As an artist I am drawn to analogous forms and visual paradox.
To simplicity and surprise. A poetry of presence.
I am drawn to elemental geometries-the circle, the triangle, the square.

The current cardboard sculpture began with a curiosity-how to extend the form of the equilateral tetrahedron (triangular pyramid) through duplication. At first i required that the piece stand on its own. This process of extension became one of drawing in space:  elongating or growing the form in a linear, incremental way.  What developed, inherent in this process, was the spiral form. The archetype of the spiral is everywhere apparent as visual mantra, referencing movement as energetic pattern.
I move from considerations of structure and massing to identification with the body: climbing, turning, stretching, twisting. There is a rhythm specific to each piece created by variations in the coiling and the relationship of tension and flow.

I am concerned now with how to merge color and form in a way integral to the medium. This process has led to simplified wall pieces; which may, in turn, enhance the color treatment of the standing work. 


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